My Bonnie girl

My Bonnie gal…

I returned to Glasgow in late 1979. I was trying to find a memory, a kind memory. In the Spring of 1978, a beautiful Bonnie girl loved me so. She was auburn hair beauty who could make me laugh and smile. I loved looking into her golden brown eyes when she talks of her home Glasgow. She stole my heart and she allowed into her heart.
Drinking the Johnnie Walker whiskey. I wrote to paper.

“Dear Sheena, my kindest love. I am here in Glasgow.

I returned to the old city to remind my heart.

I loved a beautiful Bonnie girl once and

the foolish soldier, loved war more than love.

Now he wait for no-one.

I told the bartender Paul. I broke a beautiful Scottish girl heart and

I broke my heart too.

I am here in the city of Glasgow.

Not to find her,

I know she found a true love.

I learn too late.

Only love can hurt like this.

I needed to feel close to her and in the city of Glasgow.

Once I asked her to marry me in the Winter of 1998.She smiled and she told me yes.

Please Johnnie, don’t break my heart.

I did, break her heart.”

Paul looked sad and he told me. Won’t you call her and tell her you are here. Our Bonnie girls are kind and she will forgive you. I told him, thank you Paul. She forgave me in the Spring of 1999. I cannot forgive myself. Her kind and sweet voice on the phone, she told me. You were my first love, my first heartbreak. I will remember you my traveling soldier who loved to laugh and drink. Please find something or someone to make you stop running away from everything kind and sweet. I loved you once and I don’t love you no-more. A kind man, I have found. Please stay safe my dearest Johnnie. I love you.

I bought me and Paul, a double shot of Johnnie Walker. We touched glasses and I toasted to Sheena, the beautiful Bonnie gal in Glasgow.