Broke bones, unkempt promises..

Broken bones, unkempt promises

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"This poem had been dancing in my head for days. I hope you enjoy."   

                      Broken bones, unkempt  promises….

Fool’s dances in wishes and dreamers believe love is priceless. The only worthwhile goal of life is a kind
woman making a man know a lifetime of love. The man will vault into love without fear, knowing he had found safe place and a kind heart.

Love can’t be contained or control.
When the heart is dead. It will not rise till the mourning in done.
Beautiful woman told the man. “No love is left, better to walk away from me.
I will brake your heart and leave your bones to rot.
Can’t raise the dead. Heart was broken by unkempt promises and secret pain that had  create a mountain
of safety.”

Young man told the girl. “There is a thin line between saints and losers. Few saints on this earth. We must do our best. Can’t die and swim in empty words and promises. Better to allow rage to kill the inflicted wounds and live again.”

The pretty woman smiled and she remembered when the love was good. The spiritual dances into passion and when she was fearless and dived into love without a parachute. Now she don’t believe there is gold at the end of the rainbow. She lacked confident in real love and that people are not honest and true.

The woman kissed the young man forehead and whispered. “All I got is flesh to give. The love is gone. If you desire to stay. I don’t want to be held. Do what you desire and turn away.”

Sometime even a  lover and dreamer understand the mandate of a honest woman. She told the truth. In time love can turned bittersweet. Broken bones, unkempt promises and mountains cannot be  moved. Can’t arouse something that want to play dead.

 I tried to raise the dead in heart a few times.  I learn I came at the wrong time. Love need perfect timing and two people in the same place wanting the same things..

Rarely happen in a life. I like the old quote.
“I’m here.
You are gone.
Should I stay or go?”

Heaven, Earth or hell can’t change a broken spirit till the heart and mind is willing.