Love is love

  Love is love…

A noble beauty read her poetry at the Austin, Texas yearly poetry reading. Jessica was disappointed with her life and she read her words to us.

“I weaved a page with just words upon the paper.

The folly of life had turned my mind to madness.

I love someone, who I should not.

Blind world does not understand.

You can’t stop love and when we drink in the kiss,

the holy embrace.Faithful heart can fall to never-ending dreams and hope.

We can shed our clothing,

we can scream toward the moon.

We can be bare-naked in the melancholy of love and never allow true emotions to be found or felt.

Do we control love?

Forlorn love leave us feeling helpless and alone.

Should I be brave in the company of love?”

We clapped our hands for her and she returned to her seat. I went to the small stage and I read my poem. I told the 40 or so people. This is for Jessica.

“You can’t stop a storm and you can’t stop the rain.

When love is near and our heart is dancing.

The charm of love make us want to kiss and play.

Love is love and

when our eyes captured love,when someone beautiful face steal our mind and heart.

We must kiss and pray.

Pray the love is returned to us and the treasured embrace come easy and kind.

No-one can stop a Winter storm,

no-one can stop the rain on a rainy day in April.

No glory in wishing for midnight kisses,

no glory to allow. Sweet dreams to die.

Love is love and when love is near.borrow, loan and steal to keep alive.

Better to disappoint everyone and know the sweetness of love.

When the fragrant of love surround us,

dance, sing and drink the ambrosia wine till the moon fall into the sea.

Make the days and nights last forever.Made-up rules are for the cold in heart.

Remember love is love.

A kiss is just a kiss unless it is pleasing kiss,

we can never forget.

Deny love leave us,

wishing on the first star and last star of the night.

Making dandelion wishes and learning too late.

When love is near.

Hold on tight.”

I looked at Jessica beautiful face and she smiled. She found me later at the tavern later drinking the Long Island ice teas and she asked me. Dark poet, do you follow your own advice? I told her. Dear Jessica, I didn’t. This is why I sit alone on a Friday night wishing I didn’t run from love. Now I wished I ran to her. Kept her safe and sound. Too late for a old soldier. She laid her head on my shoulder and she told me. We have been friends for three years and you give me sage advice always. I will give you my sage advice now. Please Johnnie, find someone to make you smile. I did and I will go to her. Your gentle words touched my heart. You are right. Love is love and we can’t stop her.