All We Need

Positive and hopeful words and song from a amazing person.

Songs of Gaia

Sending Saturday morning good vibes from Costa Rica, with this new upbeat tune about love and simple living.

I also want to share some tips on how to feel more “wealthy” and free yourself from the trap of thinking you need to work harder, in a job that may not correspond with your true passions; the trap of taking loans to pay for things that you don’t really need, putting yourself into debt that will just tie you up further in these negative cycles.

I want to help you realise that no matter what you have in your bank account, you can make your dreams come true. Sometimes you might just need to think a little bit creatively and outside the box.

Wealth is so much more than our bank balance. Grab a pen and some paper and write down – what are the things that really make you happy?…

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