Hey Love

Amazing poetry for love shared.

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Love, I held you in my heart since I could feel, I’m your special, I carried you everywhere, Not a decision, not a thought had passed, Without consideration of you and your solicitation Every one that you favoured found a place in my bosom almost forever, But for their cruelty or their indifference, strings would not snap, Generous with your favours that you are, now I carry multitudes with all their cares Some very close to the beat(of heart) and some where can only hear the echo Time and life have taught me dear Love, to not be as easy as you are For I’m a limited being, with only so many hours and so many joules (energy) Though a bit late now, I ask my affections and my cares Whither are you going? Who do you carousel with? ou’ve guided me well, all my dreams sprung out of you…

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