A little crazy

(Poem nineteen for April. The poetry month.)

A little crazy…

She told me, don’t matter, who is right, who is wrong.

We are what we are.

All I know, you take me where I want to go.

You are my midnight poet,

who love to wash my hair and you love to watch me.

Take long bath, love long kisses and endless nights of loving.

I love your bath time poetry and how your eyes adore my face,

my eyes, my skin.

When we danced in the San Francisco  and allowed the Spring rain

to clean our skin and our minds.

I know I was free, a little crazy.

I told her.

You are my black velvet whiskey,

taste so easy and make me want make you wild.

I love you, when you are crazy.

We need a little crazy or we will forget we are alive.

Let’s me and you roam to Big Sur.

Get bare assed, drink the Black Velvet whisky.

Sing to the morning sun and the rising moon.

Let’s make love on the Big Sur hills, watching the blue sea.

We will show the sea Goddess,

love is so good, so sweet and we will scream to the midnight moon.

Give me more free days and allow me to know crazy.

Please allow us to remember,

we are born with nothing,

and nothing will we take when we are dead.

Please Goddess  of  the moon, Bella Luna.

Give us more crazy and thank you for the wonderful night

with you near the sea.