She is walking away. Should I follow or stay?

(Jazzy Monday poetry.)

She is walking away, should I follow or stay?

She had a chainless soul, no-one could own.

She could make me sweat when she whispered her sweet love words.

She was my walk away gal,

who loved the strong drink and she wanted to be consumed life,

she want to taste the sweetness of the hello and rarely said goodbye.

She would call me in the midnight hours and she would whisper.

do you need me Johnnie?

She would appear with whiskey in hand and

we would drink and clatter and I knew.

People who indulged in agony.

they love the pale moon and they want the skin to scream,

give me more and some more.

I knew she would walk away in the early afternoon,

and she wasn’t ashamed of her of her madness in passion.

She needed someone to make her believe,

someone harbor need and want for her when the night is cold and lonely.

My slumbering heart never question her visits and I wondered?

As she is walking away, should I follow or stay?

And I knew to set her free without useless words and

I knew she was the untamed sea and I was the quiet lake.

We just kissed and we never tell,

we needed hands on on bodies and a wide open door.

We were just a thief in the night,

who held no regret.