Earth day poem- Mother Nature

Earth day poem- Mother Nature

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Poem 22 for April. The poetry month."         

               Mother Nature…

Chief Pontiac, once questions the white man ways. He asked the white leaders. Do you hate the forest? Will you be content when the great forest is gone? Will you be content, when everything that is beautiful is no-more? Today in our world. Each days, the great forest, the tropical forest is being destroyed. Each day, another free animal become extinct. The Great lakes and the sea. Be polluted by waste and factories. The lake and sea life. Is loss forever. Killed by plastic, waste and poison.

Men want to leave old cities and built new ones. Dead cities become a field of waste instead of being re-used. When will we learn? We need Mother Nature, more than she need us. Last year 2020, a polluted lake “Lake St. Clair”  healed and the children could swim in her for first time in 40 years. Become the coronavirus closed factories for one year. I burn sage for the human spirit and nature. I pray we learn. We need to be kind to our earth and to each other.

Mother nature give us water to drink, food to eat, air to breathe and she gave us a perfect planet with enough resources to maintain men and the free animals. Men, take and take. One day, when the air is poison, the water is undrinkable and food, we need. Become impossible to grow. Maybe we shall learn. Too late. I liked the old Ojibwa wisdom. When the bear and wolves are gone, man will follow. Earth will heal and be reborn. Today is Earth day. Time to take a walk into the forest, put your feet into the sea and teach the children. Be kind to dear Mother Nature.