I’ll take care of you

I will take care of you…

(Poem 20 for the month of April. The poetry month.)

In the dead of long night, our wandering mind find things lost and cannot be found. Old Johnnie sitting alone in the Jazz bar and he is drinking the Black Velvet whiskey dreaming about his dear Susie. An Akron gal who stole his heart and he remembered he learned. Love can be swift and love can be painful.

Today he called her and he told her. Johnnie is done with the Army and what do you need me to do, to make her smile again? She laughed at his words and she asked him. I have murdered love and I have a child. Love had banished my hope and heart. Johnnie, you don’t want damaged goods. He told her, I love your scars, your gentle voice and I love your face. No-one escaped the wrath of love. I need us to try. Darling, honey and dear. You owned my heart for many years and I’ll take care of you. I told you in my letters to you. You and I will arise together and learn, love can be sweet, love can be a blessing. She held silence for a few minutes and she told him. I will come to you. Please wait for me. I must paint my face and put on your favorite red dress. I hope I don’t disappoint you. He told her. You cannot disappoint me dear Susie.

He waited for her and the jazz was good. He asked the bartender. We pray, we laugh, we cry and do we seek hell or heaven? The bartender smiled and he told him. More hell than heaven in the darkness of the jazz club. If you seek hell my friend. You will find her. Better to seek more light than darkness. The darkness can steal your soul, your hope, your dreams.

He saw her, he saw her slim body in the her red dress showing pale white legs, her auburn hair fell to her deep back and her face. Looking more concern than content. He went to her and she fell into her arms. He caressed her face and he looked into her brown eyes. He told her. I am glad you came to me. If you didn’t, I would had found you my dear Susie. You are so beautiful. I have missed you and I hope you have missed me. In your letters, you wrote me. You want to escape to a new place, start anew. If you want. We can.

She kissed him many times and she told him. You have done well my soldier boy. You have seen the world and you have done so many things. Do you believe I can make you happy? He brought her closer and he whispered to her. Once, you took care of me and because of you. I became brave and I adored love. I have dreamed of you in the mist of war. You will my last thoughts and my first thoughts of each day. I kept your letters in my pocket and I read them. When I felt alone. I would read them and I would remember you. Please Susie. Johnnie is brave now and you are my last wish. She took his hands, kissed each one and she asked him. Where will you take me and Tiffany? He smiled and he told her. I have a few job offers. You can decide. We can have the heat of Texas or the coldness of Michigan. Both pay well and I have enough money saved to begin our new life. She smiled and she kissed him. She told him. I am tire of being cold, I want to walk barefoot with the sea near and I want a house. I can make my own. I would love Texas. Is the ocean near? He told her. Houston, it will be. The sea is near and alive city. We can leave when you are ready. I have waiting five years to find you again and this time. I will hold on tighter.

She looked tired and she asked him. Will you accept me as I am? I am not a pretty girl with the wild eyes no-more. You may find I am wallowing in bad places and bad memories. He smiled and he told her. Only way to forget the bad days, is to create some good days. No easy life for no-one. We have been kindred spirits and I promise to try to make you content. I ain’t so easy to love my beautiful Susie. Life is hard work and take two people seeking safe place and wanting the same things. I want you to be happy, I want to make you smile again. She smiled and she kissed him. You have made me smile already and I was afraid you would not want me. Can we go to Tiffany? We can play some old songs and we can dance. I would like this Johnnie. He said yes and they left the Jazz Club. Once lovers, once strangers and now two people praying for something hopeful and so sweet.