Waiting and Breaking Joni Jazz

Her song and some words by a talented writer.

Rum and Robots

Song Written and Sung by Joni Karen Caggiano – Photo byArtem BryzgalovonUnsplash


(The WordPress Reader doesn’t play this link, to hear the song, please click here: https://the-inner-child.com/2021/04/22/waiting-and-breaking/)

Well, I told you don’t you ever walk away from me
Close your eyes and remember how you could see
In the darkness as I sang from that dusty old stage
We locked eyes and were both free from our cage

The love in my eyes, the thrill of the words in the song
Once I saw you there I thought I have waited so long

Don’t you hurt me now, don’t you make my eyes red
Take me in your arms, my love, and take me now to your bed
We will listen for our lovers loud and rapid heartbeat
Sweat dripping our bodies alive in the southern heat

The love in my eyes, the…

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