Johnnie sat alone in the Purgatory Inn in Seaside, California. Once he wanted to consume life and he had ascended to lonely places and the kind sea near. Once he loved, love. Love wasn’t his wealth and he learn. The kind sea, was his only friend who had not betrayed him. He drank the Long Island ice teas and he wandered in his mind to the days where he was bathe in love kiss and her generous embrace. He wrote to paper and journal.

“Once love was so sweet.

once love was pure and I was brave.

Once I weaved passionate days and nights of splendor.

Now, Love had forgot my name.

Now lustful man don’t seek the immortal love.

He had learn.

We become careless and forget.

Love need reminders, sweet words and a place where love can grow.

Pain, grief and lost faith in the goals of men.

Make the poet seek silence and the dear Pacific ocean.

He doesn’t seek the Hemingway life, no more.

He had learn, no-one win in war.

Soldiers die and become forgotten.

Loves do not wait for the wandering soldier.

He told the Long Island ice tea,

where are you my love?

Please abrázame and make me believe.

Love is forever, not a fool’s wish to the moon and the stars.

Now diluted man sing to the Goddess of the sea.

Please send me a kind woman who can make me smile.”

He finished his drink and he wandered to the sea. He watched the waves dance for  him and he told the moon. Tell the most beautiful girl in the world. I remember her.