LOVE (An Absurd Note)

Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.

The Inked Aaila

It’s funny how love builds you and when time comes, it destroys you. Love comes when you expect it not to, and then it wants to leave when it is the only thing you want to hold on to in the entire world. Love changes you, love transforms you. Love takes away what you thought you could never let go of. Love gives you what you never wanted to have. Love makes you accept it. Love doesn’t leave you with choices. Love is a spell, in which you’re so deeply caught up that right seems wrong and the wrong seems to be perfect. Love changes the way you look into this world, love bathes your eyes. Love changes the way your heart wants to beat or your mind wants to work. Love is an energy, it gives you your own language. Love makes you mad, after all love is nothing…

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