The river

The river…

Winter was almost gone and I watched her dance for me in the safety of our bedroom. I loved looking at her lily white skin in her garment of blue silk. Her bright hazel eyes are wild and crazy. She are singing with Maria Daines and I know I was blessed.

She asked me. Shall we dance lazy man or am I your midnight dancer to observe only? I rose-up and she embraced me and she sang to me. “Love is a careless child, always wild and never tamed. We must kiss and we must never tell. The heart of glass can be broken if love isn’t remembered. Our love must be like the river. Always flowing to the sea or the lakes. Seeking reminders that love is sweet, love is relentless and kind. We have place to meet when we feel alone.”
I told her. You are my eloquence beauty who make my sleeping heart come alive and when you are near. You make love, a raging river running to the sea seeking the charm of a noble and kind lady of the sea. You are.

She smiled and she kissed me. She whispered. When everyone is asleep and we can wander to the sea. And we can gather shells and rocks to keep. I know we are like the river. Always seeking the sea and we can know the majestic ocean will sing to us. Tonight I will sing to you and we will shall dance for the moon and the stars. Tomorrow we will seek the sea and you and I.

Will know peace and you will write poetry for me. You will read the poems to me and for the Goddess of sea. We will drink strong coffee and we shall find our Gypsy spirit. We will be the wild ones.
I told her. I love you, I love you, I love you my dear and kind dancing lady. If you want the ocean. The sea, we shall find and we will dance for the Pacific. Show her. Love is alive and well.