Mr. Johnson + Mr. Johnson.?. One Two That Rocks. Yore Blues.

Outstanding words and thoughts shared.

Our World Legends.

Featured Image. The Blues Are One In Our World. Legends Tell Mores Howevers Here Than Meets. Yore Ears. Eyeing Rock n Roll Origins. So In Deeds Include Our Blues. Indeed Music Legendary Soundful Feelings Soulfully Evoked. Devilish Fears Leading Arounds Abouts Onto. One Two Done Deals. Rock n Roll Just. Rocks You.

At Our Crossroads.

One done Deal done with The. One

Yore The Devil. Our

Rock n Roll in Our World. Legends tell is

oft referred too. To as ‘ The Devils Music ‘-

by critics as a form oft. Of condemnation… +

by those who enjoy. Such Sounds much-

as a Badge of Honor.

This of Our World Legends;.. refers to that Deal

made by/with:

The Devil + One Mr. Johnson.

O.k. The Devil We Know… + One

Mr. Johnson.?. Well…

First too. Our Yore Research indicates

One Mr. Johnson is not so also. All so Alone.?.

There were at…

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