No Contrition

Powerful poetry and needed.

The Lyrical Journal

~there are not words enough,
that we can describe this dark
place in time; shaking, waking
us to the indelible truths.

there is no vaccine that will
immunize against human nature;
vaccilating between our truths and
our lies, long held tunnel vision

pontificating about our rights,
nullifying the rights of others,
moving broken people along;
easier to judge than render aid.

all the while, the earth is quaking
in rage at what we have done,
by our own hands, by our voices;
by our oblivious choices.

we have raped and pillaged the
earth, squandered resources;
never enough profits, no sating
greed, salivating for more

there are no words enough for
uncertainty, death, disease,
hatred, bigotry, marginalization,
alienation and self destruction.

there is no remorse
no healing from the plague
that is the human condition~

© Brenda-Lee Ranta

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