Poem: An Eventful Evening – 27/04/21

Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.

Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose

A rambling here and there,
a touch, a smile, humour is in the air,
company contained,
thoughts shared,
all aboard the rise and fall of the train.

I don’t feel awry, do you?
They shake their head,
they know not to speak their truths,
for if it were known how nervous one felt,
the pressures of the heart would have to be spoke,
a heart would have to admit it melts,
the tightening of a wanted noose,
a newly looser belt.

Why on earth would the fissures let loose,
steam gusting forth,
and geysers pressurising the room,

words spoken, or hushed in the dark,
addle the mind,
or allow another to crawl away,
into their comfort zone,
where are you –
oh, hark?
I think this takes the cake,
I think it hits the mark,
walk away, away, from the affray?

Take the sugar,
exercise the sweetness,

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