Two steps from hell- part two

Two steps from hell- part two

(May-day poem one.)

__The walls

Damn the prison we create, damn the voices, telling us lies.

I want to ascend from the locked door, the cold white walls.

I want to hear Mother Nature whispers.

I need the sea dancing at my feet and

I need to hear the sounds of the forest.

I need the music of the birds and

I need to know.

I am free from the white cold walls.

I was born with a clean mind and

I must seek the free places.

That don’t steal my kindness from me.

I told my little one, my baby grand-daughter Baby Bella Mia.

I will teach you to learn the rhythm of the sea,

the sweet song of the deep forest.

I will show you.

We can be brave and knock-down the prison walls.

See the beauty of the land, the sea.

Being kind to each other and Mother Nature.

We must do.