Sweet Beulah land.

Sweet Beulah land…

Last song played for my father was “Sweet Beulah land”. Once soldier, once father and a grandfather. He saw hell and back in war, rarely knowing peace in his life. He found peace in the sweet Beulah land of the Virginia mountains.

My dearest grandmother name was Beulah and my beautiful daughter name is Beulah. I am older and slower now. I have found my sweet Beulah land. I have the Greats lakes and the Northern Michigan. I can rest by the flowing river and be thankful for the gold I have in my life.

My gold is five grandchildren and four healthy children. I have good health, a kind woman and I can find time to pray,. I have time to burn sage for the people needing some kindness, some concern.

I listen to the song “Sweet Beulah land” and I remember my father. The restless man who found peace in his Beulah land and I pray my dear grandmother is watching me. The old man had learn. Love given, love received. Our greatest blessing.