Midnight confessions…

Midnight confessions…..

Once I played the fool for you. I painted us together as forever lovers in a world of give and take. You were my Juliet and I was your Romeo. You were untamed, beautiful and you left me breathless and wanting.

You lifted a veil of innocence and made the nights become frenzy and not controlled. I wrote upon your bare skin with content fingertips and gentle oil.
“You are my poetry,
you are my love,
you are my curse and my blessings.
You are everything I need”

You laughed at my words and you whispered the midnight confession, lover whispered when lust, lips and the body demand payment. Glistering tan long legs, stomach, tempting shoulders and beautiful face.  Made me wish upon a Winter star. Please stay.

Old Poet sat alone in a Ann Arbor tavern and wrote into a journal.
“You were not poetry.
You were not love.
You were a curse and a blessing.
You made the nights come alive and taught me.
Love is so damn sweet and so damn painful.”

Today I would do the journey again and I wished upon the Summer stars. Please bring Jenny back to me. I’m willing to pay the price. I know. Love cost splenty and I’m willing to pay the payment.

                            John Castellenas/Coyote