Two old poems. Happy May-day.

The coastline…

I fell in love with her on a December morning.
I stop my truck and I was star struck at her beauty,
her power.

I walk quickly to her.
She was dancing on the shore.

Nothing could equal her beauty and
I gazed in wonder for hours sitting on the sand.

How could I have not escape to her beauty before this day?

Now I walk up and down the shore.
Watching the waves.
The beauty of her be-witched my heart.

I knew when I left her,
I would yearn for her sight.
Never be complete till she was dancing my  feet again.

My love was the Pacific ocean.
The peaceful sea.

I wish to be with her today.

               December 1992

The Lover, A Soldier prayer.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Soldier goes off to War. Need kind and sweet memories to keep them human.”

                     The Lover (A soldier prayer)…

Poor boys and men.
Their roads lead to War.

Young woman with a  sweet smile.
Wearing silk dress,
smelling like sweet flowers.

She whispered,  “Let’s dance tonight.
You shall go to War and 
tonight we need to create photos for the heart. 
Memories to keep you warm when you are lonely and afraid.”

Young man brought the sweet Angel close and.
he whispered kind words of love and thankfulness.

Soldier stand alone,
Cleans his M-16 A2 rifle.
Death is all around him.

He closes his eyes,
he remembered.
The smell of flowers and
the feel of her silk dress.

The sweet smile of his love.

Keeps him human.

                  John Castellenas