A good day to be alive my friend…

A good day to be alive my friend.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Each day is a opportunity to do something good." 

A good day to be alive my friend…..

                          (Can you Move? Can you Think? Do you have
                            the ability to do more? Life pleasures can’t 
                            be reached locks up in sad and disappointing
                            lives. Get up. Reach out. No pity for those
                            swimming in self-pity.
                                 Too many years in the Army.

Cornerstone of a good life are the kindness and love given and received.

Kind ancestors left us with gifts of love.
Needed to be passed on to our children.

Disappointment can barricade our mind and hearts.
We must breach the walls of disappointment.
Learn to celebrate being alive.

Correspond with your friends and family.
Tell them you miss and love them.

Remember lost friends.
Raised yourself up and fight the good fight.
Can’t swim in self-pity.

Don’t forfeit your dreams for someone else wants.

There are consequences for every action good or bad.

Aspire to touch the stars,
to dance on a lonely beach with a lover.
Sit at a park and watch your children play.

Thank the Spirit of life and death for one more day to be alive.

                  12 Sept 1990