“There is none so blind as he who will not see” (Ray Stevens) on the path least traveled…

Powerful words shared. We need to become friends. For the sake of the children.


Diary of the journey on the path least traveled..just letting the heart do the talking while the fingers do the walking while being different, being me… 🙂

Me 1 copy

( “I do not do, say or write something to been seen or heard… I  do, say or write something because it needed to be done, said or written…” ,  no nominations please, just sharing thoughts while exploring life  🙂 ).. 🙂

Yes, due to closed minded elements of today’s world societies, there are conflicts of many kinds and I believe that it affects the children the worst, with unnecessary suffering… 🙂



Through the eyes of child… 🙂 I woke up this morning in a rush Eagerly to start the day, Hopefully to learn about the world Maybe even have time to play. I have many, many friends Each one somewhat different than me, But none of us mind at all…

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