Sunrise is optional

Wonderful words shared by a talented writer.

choices in error

The taste of stillness lies on my lips like a wild beast
Your letter of love is tenderly wrapped up in tulip petals in my pocket

I’m the wettest of virtues
I’m the grinding thoughts of alters,
callused knees and signed confessions
dripping with damnation
as I hang my fresh summer dresses

effortlessly sinning with all these chalk scrawls in sidewalk literature,
the flaming poetry of lust and each broken rosary tormenting remorse

The wild ache of wishes and humility
the shivers of being alive
the secret reality of alone
the splitting differences between love and water
the long-standing peony whispers etched
in hells dormant apocalypse

I will
get mouthy
with you
and write
as you fill me twice as hard
a quiet sky

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