Almost love.

Almost love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"May-day poetry number fourteen."

Almost love…

I found you letter today and I read the letter you wrote me in 1980. You took me back to a lovely time in my life. We shared a year in a kind and sweet love. I don’t remember receiving the letter and the last lines hit me hard.

“I know now why I wanted to separate. I wanted to know if I still love you. Yours Brigitte”

Dear Brigitte, we always win in sweet dreams.

“I had dreams and in my dreams, we were together- I wrote all this in my diary.”

Dear Brigitte, our best days, we shall never forget.

“I thank you for all-for touch, for being together, for all. Now I wish I can come back to you, but you want me not back.”

The ancient writers wrote. When you set a bird free, the bird will not return. Love is now and dear Brigitte. Today I would have forgave you and I would keep you warm and safe. I wish I could tell you. I loved you also my dear Brigitte.

Dancing Coyote