Mirrored soul

Mirrored soul

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"May-day poetry number fifteen."   

                        Mirrored soul…

The half-drunk poet told the beloved night. I saw the veil of heaven and I have tasted death breathe. I am the son of the forest, the water and the sky. Now my shattered vision know only envy, hate and wrong deeds. In the dark tavern, the mirrored soul sing the oldest  and saddest songs.

“Merry men shall go, merry men shall seek dangerous women, merry men will seek war and hell-bound dance. Merrily men will taste blood, death and turmoil. He will learn too late. He should of sought peace and calm, not war.”

He looked at the stranger’s face in the tavern’s mirror and he remembered a starry eye girl with a soft and silky voice telling him. Please quit the Army, be my love and we can find tranquil solitude.

His macabre of be brave had led him to a self-made tomb. The revolving years had taught him. He should of love more and with great gladness. He should of kept love safe and warm. Blindly he lived and he lay in the refuge of things never to be. Forgotten in the lost and found of life.