The loveliest girl in Monterey…

The loveliest girl in Monterey….

The loveliest gal in Monterey,

she hated love and disliked men who begged for attention.

I was the midnight poet and I would go to her shop in the mini-mall.

I would bring coffee and sandwiches for her.

I would read my poetry to her and she would ask me.

You are my only friend in Monterey,

you make me talk and laugh.

Why do you waste time with someone who hate everything but the sea?

I told her, we are more-like than you know.

People, tell me, why mess with this mean lady?

I told them, you were not so mean,

you are just seeking the things you need.

I use to love, love. Today I love the falling Sun colors and

the rising moon sky artwork.

You and I had drink coffee on the Monterey pier almost every night,

we shared embrace and some tequila and lemon on Friday and Saturday nights.

We love the sea and we are not tempted to love no-more.

I know you are the prettiest girl in Monterey and I love your artwork,

your search for beauty and when you dance bare-ass at Big Sur.

I love to hear your midnight song and you are willing to listen to my words.

She smiled and she laughed, she whispered.

I hate desperate men and men, who do not listen to my words.

You make me smile, you tell me the truth about my work and

you look inside my eyes and see a real person,

not just flesh and bones to use-up.

Let’s buy the good tequila tonight and some lime instead of lemon.

Maybe the big storm will get quiet and you and I, can dance for the midnight moon.

I agreed and the loveliest gal in Monterey and I.

Roamed to the Monterey Bay,

star watching and dreaming of things to be.