Amazing poetry shared.

Raw Earth Ink

that pleasurable idea.
a shifting image.
soul-burn seeks a source.
salt-trails down pink cheeks.
cracked open ribs.
velvet touch.
a whisper behind the ear.
black ink melts away impurities.
the fog of injustice.
the cooling of passion.
missed road signs.
misunderstood innuendos.
balm of courage.
more than runes and spaces.
more than face value.
more more more.
wet on the outside.
desiccated on the inside.
collapsed veins.
vapors collecting behind these eyes.
salted riverbeds replaced by torrents.
this hurting heart.
shielded from the outside.
the arrows already pierced.
not strong: weak weak weak.
wanting to be seen.
misinterpreted time and again.
always forgotten.

I will never be ___.

tara caribou | ©2021

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