You don’t love me no-more…

You don’t love me no-more…….


I longed to see your face, I longed to hear your speak.

I knew I was gone too long and you gave-up on me.

I watched you from a distance and you are dancing with a beautiful child.

I left you be, I knew.

Don’t rain on things that are gone and so damn far away.


I told the pretty gal,

I am fond of your smile

,please tell me a story.

I want to hear the softness in your voice,

I want to watch the movement of your lips.

Please make me feel safe for a moment.


You don’t love me no-more.

I can see in your eyes,

remnants and fragments of was we were.

Somewhere we forgot what made us good together.

Now we are waiting to see,

who will escape first.