An assortment of poetry erotica and otherwise

Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.

Summerhill Lane

Strawberry Kisses by Summerhill Lane

An assortment of poetry erotica and otherwise

White Bloomers

Warning language and content may offend some 18+ please

Just a friend he asked to be

Conversation and some sympathy

Nothing going on that you need defend

Let’s hang out and shoot the breeze

Walk with me and share my time

I am lonely for some company

You are sweet and nice it seems

And will bring some peace to me

I am free to be your friend but nothing more can I offer thee

It is not romantic

Or a scheme

To get into your panties one, two, three

He seemed innocent and sincere

To be her friend and hold him dear

To walk, to talk, to dance in step

His hands did grope a time or two

But shoved away like a friend should do

He petted her hair and her face

She enjoyed…

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