Poem #150 Eye

Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.


Poet’s Note: I must admit while I do not like the man, I do enjoy his work.


Softly dance the tendrils of darkest night,

Lone tentacles across the nightscape,

Built of nightmares and dreams,

In equal measures of hope and despair;

A rip, a tear, an aberration here in the homogenous ubiquity,

Of being part of the whole of being one with the all;

Opens up one single lonesome eye,

Resplendent in gaze and transcendent in regard;

Gaze travels hither and tither, forming from formless,

Giving name and purpose to what was once only part of the whole,

Turning dark into something more tangible, more alive,

As part of the writhing chaos, crawling in the dark;

Roving eye, brightens up the inky-blackness,

Bringing new glory to old haunts of smoke and simple ends,

Her regard, her glance is all that matters,

The dream ends with this world and another…

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