Her Cottage by the Sea

Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.

My Inspired Life

Hues changing
a floating canvas
a fleeting Rembrandt
filtering the pink sunrise
transforming walls inside

Senses stirring
a dream scene blurring
a mind’s eye releasing
ushering in discoveries
in joy and carefree play

Fingers typing
a mind sparking
a coffee pot brewing
eyes still closed she

feels her lover’s gaze

Skin warming
a passion igniting
a low tide revealing
what was once hidden
now brilliant and bare

Here, suspended

between sleep and awake
she will linger
just a few more minutes
inhaling the possibilities
bathing in the infinite
soaking in the ocean breeze
basking in her lover’s radiance

Her eyes opening, her body drifting in a dream
soothing curves set against the cresting sea
they find each other and stare into the deep

Waking to a new day with endless possibilities,
where wild and untamable rise and merge

with soft and sensual in her cottage by the sea


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