Love didn’t break my heart. Life did.

Love didn’t break my heart. Life did.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"June-days poetry three."   

                     Love didn’t break my heart. Life did.

He told the beautiful Gypsy girl near the Monterey bay. Love didn’t break my heart. Life did. I am so tire young lady. I allowed vice and tomfoolery to control my life and mind. The fool shall learn too well, you can dance the devil and he will always wins. I have played the slave for rich men and large companies. Made them so much money and what do I have to show for this? I left people behind and I forgot kindness.

She laughed at my words and she told me. We will sin and sin some more, we can’t stop the decay of our heart and our mind. We will love the seven deadly sins and delight in folly with great delight. We will leave unpaid debt. There is more sinners than honest people. All of us had faltered and we are slowly dying. Tonight we shall burn some white sage for the midnight moon and we will release the horrid memories to the dancing Pacific. We will drink the tequila, dance on the bare beach and we will sing to the long night.

Her words soothe his spirit and he asked her. Can we paint new canvas? Can we escape the maze of shit we are forced to live in? You are kind and a beautiful young woman. You make me want to taste the sweetness of your lips, know the color of love in your eyes.

She looked away from him, her cheeks became rosy red. And he told her. You are a blushing moon flower and my kindred spirit. You have weaved me dandelion wishes to believe in. My old heart had whims and wants I am afraid to know again.

She took my hands and she kissed them. She forced me up and she whispered. Maybe a midnight fling can turn into a morning kiss? Maybe the shade of love can find us.