“A myriad fountains” #poem #poetry #writing

Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.

Visionary Poems

A myriad fountains 
Of clear water a’sparkling 
Mightily do a’surge and a’burst 
From deep within the very crust of the earth 

Onward do they rush into yon rivers distant 
That across meadows and fields 
Do journey and meander serene 
And down into valleys do flow 
‘Tween vast mountains 
And rolling hills gentlesome

They hearken to the voice of the seas
That to their spirit does ever speak
For to guide and to lead 
To’ard the waters unfathomable 
Of the mighty oceans a’roar
Which swirl ‘neath the gilded star of day
And endlessly do swell and fall 
At the hest of the opalescent orb of night 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: JAMES WESTMAN on Pexels 

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