Might As Well Love It

Beautiful and wonderful poetry and song shared.

Julia Bloom

It’s always an extra-fun songwriting week when Nathan has time to join in the process! I had this song mostly written last week. On Monday Nathan and I spent some time with it, finishing up the writing and arranging, and the next few days we recorded bits and pieces as we had time. I sang and played acoustic guitar. Nathan did EVERYTHING else, which never ceases to amaze me!

This old world well it’s not that bad
I guess I’m not afraid to stay till I know it’s time to go
Might put down roots, put up my feet
Lower the lights, enjoy the show
Or what I can of it cause there’s a lot that I can’t
Unspeakable horrors, untouchable hurts
Some people talk about hell, talk about hand baskets
First world problems and last-ditch efforts

It’s a bright beach ball alone in the ocean
Have the time of…

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