Sweet Sweet Kiss – The Poem

A amazing poem shared. Please read and enjoy.


Thanks to http://photopaulm.com for the photo inspiration

My lovely hearty parrot,
When can I see you again?
Last time you said you’ll always be sad,
Without the sight of me…
Are your eyes as teary as I imagine?
Do you even remember me?

Parrot, you must be a young woman now.
The girls in my area don’t give me peace.
Yet, I don’t see the beauty around…
Your memory blind me to life itself.
I wonder whether you’re at peace,
And from whence you source it.

Search for me, as I for you.
So, we can relive our last moment,
When we were young and free…
When we kissed without guilt,
Come, let’s play chase in the rose gardens,
When you’d cry after a thorn pricked,
And I would wife your tears with my soft palms

Come, parrot.
I want you to echo my love again.
Let’s make the…

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