Sacrificial meal…

 Sacrificial meal…

She was a tall, long legged Texas girl.  She gave me a coy smile. Somehow I caught her attention. I knew, a pursued man are just cattle waiting to be slaughter. She bend over showing me suppliant breasts and she gave me a gaze of did I enjoy the view?

I admired her suppliant breast and tan legs. I asked her, would you like a drink or something? Her hazel green eyes grew brighter and she replies. “A drink or something would be nice soldier. Maybe we can discuss a happy ending if
you can make me laugh and can dance the Texas two-step.”

Her sweet charm had stole my resolve. I told her. “I have been told, I can tell a good joke when some good Kentucky whiskey kick in. I can dance the Texas two-step and waltz till the dawn.” She  smiled and requested a double shot of
Jack and a cold draft beer.”

She had stole my heart already. I ordered two of each. We drank the whiskey shots and the cold beer. We wandered to the dance floor.

She kept learning closer as the night became later. She whispered into my ear. “You have done good my soldier. You made me hotter than the Texas highway in July. I’m on the brink of going wild as a Texas tornado.”

I told her. “Your will is my want. You are so beautiful and I have no place to go or be. I would be honored to buy you a meal and see where we land.”

She gave me a big Texas smile and told me. “I can cook eggs and bacon. No need to waste time and money at the restaurant. Sometimes you see what you need and better to be forward than wishing you did.”

I gave my best Michigan smile and I agreed. I kissed my Texas girl and brought her closer.

       Coyote/John Castellenas