A woman, like you…

A woman, like you.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Few people can bring you from self made hell. When a sweet woman offer a soft hand and love. Even the dead can be rebirth."

      A woman, like you…

I was standing at a distance listening to you. You were  speaking against hate and violence. A voice so soft and kind. It made me  stop to listen and I looked at your beautiful face. I tried to hide my desire for you. To be able to look into your eyes. And hold you close.

I make a fool’s wish to be sitting with you. To be able to look into your blue eyes at the ocean. Listen to you talk about your great dreams.

You spoke with confident. Your  strong words were against hate and war. Your smile and sweet voice create dreams and hope of peace for the people listening.

You came to me. Whispered, my lonely poet you came to hear me at the  demonstration. Did you like and understand what I was trying to say.” I told her. Our words were logical and common sense. I felt hope listening to your voice. Sometime all we have is hope and dreams.

A sad smile overtook you. You told me. When the dreamers forget to dream. The people with strong hearts forget to love. The kind and generous people forget to help. What will we become? Just robots waiting for death.

You wrapped your arms around me. Gave me sweet kisses and pulled away. You whispered, later my love.

I stood alone at the Santa Cruz beach. Thank the lord of life and death for a woman like you. Bad dreams and wrong decisions led me to Santa Cruz on a sunny California day. I was drinking and wasting my life.

She found me at a coffee shop on a cool spring day and she sat with me at my table. And she asked me What was I writing? I told her poetry of a sort . I gave her my journal to read and I watched her eyes read my words for two hours.

She put the book down. Told me, you are a poet my friend. Pain and sorrow are in your words. Scream for calm and peace in your words. You must get published. Words of love and peace must be poster for all to see.

Her beautiful blue eyes stole my heart from the first moment. Listening  to her dream and goals, as we walked through the Santa Cruz streets. She took my hand and she whispered. I need  a friend and I can feel your loneliness.

With the gift of a sweet kiss we bounded our two lives together. As the sun fell into the sea. she asked me to share her dreams and not be afraid to stand against things wrong in this world.

I give a silence yes. I know Angels are rare in a life and I told her as long as you need me I will be there for you.

A woman, like you. Can light up the nights and days, create dreams in a dead man soul.

                                  Coyote     1994