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“Pain is personal,” Dadi once told me,
“It is different for different people”
And now I know what she meant.
Pain is the hollow inside my chest
Aching with each laboured breath,
Pain is the eyes that stay dry
While my mind screams inside,
Pain is the sleeping medication
That I take every night
So I don’t wake up screaming,
Pain is the cold sweats and anxiety attacks
That recur almost everyday,
Pain is the heap of memories
Neatly bundled and ribboned
Locked away in the corner of my heart,
Pain is the shock of
A touch of another skin,
Pain is the bulimia that
Never lets food into my body,
Pain is the days I cross out
On the calendar with a felt-tip pen,
Pain is my existence
And yours too,
Pain is me, pain is you,
Pain is Us.


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