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Nin Chronicles

Kiss me more

In the lamplight, love,

The moths as our only witness

I taste the iron on your lips

Small cruelties flicker in your eyes

Love, kiss me more.

Door knocker brass

Curls around my heart

Copperhead snake injects his poison

I flower, black, without you

Longing for a lone white petal.

Give me your heart

Under the moon, love

Summer vases as our only witness

I taste petrichor on your tongue

You taste ash on mine

Love, give me your heart.

Picture frame gold

Curls the ends of my mouse brown hair

Scarlet shoes in the corner

Shadows slant inward the wrong way

I stare vacantly at you

Lost without backstory.

Give me the lilies

Beside the honeysuckle bower, love

Wasps as our witness

I want the individuality

Crisp in the corners of your heart

Love, give me the lilies.

Lonely in company

I hang my heart in…

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