My lovely Lilith

My lovely Lilith…

The dark poet loved the Monterey big storms. The Pacific was raging and dancing. He went to the Pacific ocean early in the morning wearing wet suit and carrying his suicide board. He adored when the sea was filled with madness. He heard a voice. He turned and Lilith stood near in her wet suit and a grin. She asked him. Do you remember you promises me to suicide board the sea with last week? He smiled and he told her. Would be my honor dear lady. He handed her the tequila and she drank the tequila and she asked. Are we going to talk or dance with the sea?

He had loved Lilith for many months. She was a maiden of twisted fate and he saw the darkness in her eyes. he loved her boldness in her voice and the way her body moved when she walked. She loved the sea, the long river and Big Sur. She was filled with rage and she spoke with the eloquence of a classy lady.

Lilith knew the Monterey dark poet casts his eyes upon her always. He knew verse and tale. He sought in her eyes, unknown wonders and mystery. On a foggy Monterey morning, he asked her. I want to court you like the days of old. I want to hear your eloquence words by the sea, drinking coffee at dawn. I want to study your beautiful face and fall into the wonder of your thoughts. I want us to ration the movement of love. Like a Donne poem, we could write. I want to show you, you are my one and only wish.

She laughed at his words and she told him. You streets poet believe love, wine and dance can save our world. You love folly and the kiss. Never wanting to know. You are dancing with a hurricane that cannot be tamed. Folly is the poet’s wealth. Maybe some wishes shouldn’t come true. I am endless rage and constant storm. I have killed everything that I loved.

He smiled and he told her. I love your painted face, I love your war face dear Lilith. We can drink your favorite spiced wine and seek safe chambers. Haste make waste and I want to write a story that is endless and sweet. The blue moon is above us and the bravest of men wish for miracles. I want to see your real face, I want to make you smile. Maybe laugh?

She took his right hand and she touched the lines on his palm. She smiled and she told him. You will live forever and believe in love till the end. You will test life and you will know great sorrow. Maybe Johnnie, I will befriend you and see who we really are? Love and hate, do dance when the blue moon is above us. We can make a wish of foolishness and folly. We will suicide board the sea Friday morning and drink coffee at noon.

The waves were 30-50 feet high near the shore and we slowly moved into the sea. Took a half hour to go out 500 yards. The waves were kicking and moving. Lilith reach out her hand to him and he took her hand. They danced with the Pacific. The moon was smiling at them and the goddess of the sea blessed them with safety. The sea allowed the lovers to dance in her arms.