Mother and child…

Mother and child…

I touched her tummy and I listened to the heartbeat with my ear to her stomach. I loved the joy in her eyes, her glow of life made my world more beautiful.

There is nothing as beautiful, as a mother with child. A mother shine like a million diamonds, that can light the darkest of nights.

I have seen so many beautiful things, but when she laughed, as the baby moved inside her. My heart dances with joy.

The glow of a mother, create a beauty, so rare, for the love of a mother for her child.

Can be described only when you are blessed, by when a mother rocked a small child and sings songs of love. You must stand at a distance, for this is a gift from god.

Dear woman, so round, so beautiful. Are goddesses to the men who love them. Only a mother love is never forgotten, a mother love is forever.

You are, what can’t be described. You are so beautiful.

                      Dancing Coyote