Oh Me Oh My…

   A lullaby for you…

Once we had everything we needed. The Pacific ocean in view, the Irish Pubs with the sea view and we had time to love and dance. I loved your song and you loved my words. I wrote a million words for you and you knew. We were California dreamers, Big Sur hippies hiding by the sea. Last people left weaving and dancing in a world filled with lies and the twist and turns where we could easy be lost. I whispered my poetry to you and you sang to me, sweet and kind word. I love you baby.

              Oh Me, Oh My…

You were my teacher, you taught me to dance with and sing to the sea,

you taught me to stand on the free mountains and know peace.
Your whispered in the midnight hours had made me know.

Love is sweet, love is remembered.

Lover’s kisses, honored gifts, we cannot forget…

“Oh Me, Oh My….

I remembered I got lost in your eyes,

I fell into your arms and we confessed the lover’s secrets.

You had a angelic face and tender hands that make me feel,

I wasn’t alone.

Oh Me, Oh My.

I remember us and I wonder do you remember me?

We were just wisp and feathers,

dancing in the wind of the Monterey coastline wind.”

Now I am a old man and I returned to the sea in 2018, I took off my shoes and I danced with the ocean. The kind Pacific ocean allowed me to travel back to 1992.I saw your beautiful face and we danced like the ghosts of the Monterey bay. I remembered your last words.
“Nothing is written, no words are written in stone. We create our story.

We decide, a blessed life or a bitter journey.

Count your blessings and forget the regret.

You and I have tasted love glory and tomorrow may come.

We have a thousand memories and when you are alone and sad.

We can find the sweet places by the sea.

Love is so sweet, love can be so hurtful.

Live dear Poet and I shall sing for us till I can’t no-more.”

I sat by the sea and I wrote in my journal. You are someone I cannot forget.

                Dancing Coyote