The Stoic Sky Speaks

A amazing poem for love shared.

Tacit Verses by Tanushree

The Stoic Sky Speaks

Come and drench me in your love...
hide me in your grey embrace.
I feel so blue all day long,
that at night I try to draw your face.
I release the firefly stars in the dark
and watch them twinkle around.
I take a bite from the silver bowl
and make a crunching sound.
At times I wear a rainbow scarf,
at times a pink puffy gown.
I play all day with a golden ball
and at evening I kick it back down.
The sound of Spring feels so good,
while the Summers make me simmer.
The melancholy Autumns seem so sad
and the Winters make me shiver.
They say I am too wise and vast
as I hold together night and day.
Yet I feel so lonely and downcast,
will you hold my hand and stay?
© Taruchaya

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