Three fingers of the Wild Turkey whiskey for the USA flag.

Three fingers of the Wild Turkey whiskey for the USA flag.

Some dummy want to replace our USA flag. The flag we love and honor. I know my USA isn’t perfect and I still believe. The USA is the greatest country in our world. We still welcome people who lost their homes, their countries with open arms.

Today I will fill three fingers of the Wild Turkey whiskey for the land of the free, the home of the brave.

The first finger of the Wild Turkey for my brothers soldiers lost to old and new wars. We went to war together knowing we must fight for freedom. We knew what the final cost could be.

The second finger of the Wild Turkey for my father who fought in WW2. He loved his country and he loved God. He never complained and he taught me love and kindness. Respect a person for what he did. Not his race, religion or color.

The third finger of the Wild Turkey for the good people who are gathering hope, forgiveness, healing and no violence. I will never understand why you would burn down your city. This is like shooting yourself in the foot to escape war.

Old Glory is still waving above me and it is time for all people to gather as one. Seek to repair our world, not destroy her.

There is color in hate, there is no color in violence. Look up how many had died from drugs. (87,000 people die from April 2020-April 2021 in the USA) More death than the wars being fought.

My father told me often. Think before you speak. Many places in our world killing people because they are different. Evil nations trying to erase a people and steal their land.

I will salute the USA flag and stand with my brothers and sisters for a world where every child is safe, had shelter and food to eat. It is time to repair our world. We must send food, water and medicine to countries in need. Not guns and soldiers.  Concern and kindness can help this generation heal and go forward. Hate and confusion are the words of desperate and hateful people.

God bless the USA.