Never been to Spain….

  Never been to Spain…..

Oldest and saddest man on the block had spread out his world map. He touches the country Spain and he told the clouds. I never been to Spain. I would love the dark-skin ladies and I would drink the Spanish wine till midnight. I would find the sea and dance, bare-ass for the stars. I wouldn’t complain no-more.

I am been living in Michigan for twenty years, so tire of the big cities, the rushing to no-where.

I never been to Alaska, I would love the long Winter, maybe my pen and paper would come alive again. Maybe the empty spaces would rebirth my mind. The tire man is packing-up what he needs. He will sing his songs to the Spanish ladies, he will dance the midnight waltz with a Gypsy beauty near the sea, whispering love words to the kind lady.

When the hot Summer days come to Spain. He will take the long trip to Alaska. Find the free land, befriend the free animals. He will dance with the wolves and he would howl at the Alaska moon. Today caged man broke the locked door and he is ,gone, gone, gone.       

               Dancing Coyote