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un p'tit je ne sais quoi

Today, my thoughts are taken out of a playful wave’s tale.
In their timidity seem are touching gently the fine sand,
but in reality, they are preferring to get camouflaged
in a unitary sound of the sea’s Rhapsody from a realm
which was created in a fairyland of the cosmos…

There… the sea is psychedelically blue in the summer and
irritably in the winter, gliding more in greyish hue. A reason
for sailors to describe it as the one with a world of its own
meant to urge you at melancholy while its tints penetrate
the fiction to conserve the myths, the legends, the poems.

This fact affected at the beginning even sea’s name famed
as Póntos Áxeinos and later, during the age of colonization,
as Euxinus, remaining so for a while, a preferred one, ideal
to take you…

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