The ashes and the fire…

  The ashes and the fire…

My dearest love, my serene memory. I remember us. We loved the midnight hours, locked door and to be 3 am wild and free. The German Winter made us hold tighter and we drove blindly into the magic of love.
You were at the sweetest age, eighteen and brave. I was nineteen and we didn’t know. The strongest fire can fade to ashes. I found you in the Fall, we drank the new wines of Germany and we sang songs of Leonard Cohen’s at the small lake to the rising moon. You were filled with amorous need to feel and touch everything and I was falling in the darkness of your needs and wants.

I remember I whispered to you.
“My midnight dancing angel. I love your barefoot feet moving to the songs playing lowly, I love you so. You are my muse and you are my siren. I see heaven and hell in your beautiful face. Will you teach me love? Will you teach me misery? Are you my Dante’s Beatrice? A ever ending wish? Are you my savior? A Hemingway wish.”

I remember you smiled and your told me. Can love outlast the need of the kiss and the touch? Does love burn so strongly and slowly, love become just ashes of a memory? Is love, just a fairy tale to be sung by the dark poets? We are fire and wood dear Johnnie. Stealing and borrowing till we can’t no-more. Youth is our wine today, would you love me when I am ugly and grey?

I told her.
“I shall always love you my dear Daniela, When your body is tire and weaker. I will pick you up and I would walk with you. When your voice is softer and sweeter. I will listen carefully to every word you speak. When you are afraid and alone. I will embrace you and ensure you know. You are my rising sun, the falling moon to me.”

I remember we made promises of forever and a day. In old age, we learn. Love is the ashes and the fire of a long life. Scorched heart will be repaired and the midnight poet will remember. The most beautiful girl he had ever known.

                                  Dancing Coyote