They Claimed to Know Me – Written April 1999 (Aged 24)

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The Boy Behind The Glasses. Poetry and Writing

They Claimed to Know Me

they claimed to know me
but, in my memory
they were filed
under the category of, ‘missed’
i do not remember any relationship
even if the name rung a bell
and i can only just remember a name
as for the face,
well, it seems to be lost
and when i think,
all my bells seem to sound the same
is this the past catching up with me
i just do not know what to think
and i do not know what to expect
i would like to meet this person
and catch up on old times
even though i do not remember them
or the times and the person
so, perhaps she was not so special
but she has been in my life
and at some point she played her part
just as i did in hers
she may not have stolen my…

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