Damn the ancient gods…

Damn the ancient Gods

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Be brave in love, be brave in life. Love many, dance often and befriend kind people."

     Damn the ancient Gods…

Pretty lady laid bare in heart and soul watching the sun fall into the sea.
She looked at me and told me. Damn the gods who hate love. They tried to
separate us. I need you near. Not far. We will trick the Gods.
Dance in the bliss of real love and make them jealous we can truly love. She reached for the rising moon and whispered a prayer. Please god of the sea allowed us to create a temple where two lovers can become one.
Filling empty spaces needing to know completeness and calm.

My lovely woman looked at me and she whispered. I want to be your first and last breath you feel. I want you to make me feel like I’m the only one left for you to hold when the nights are cold and lonely. I want you to release your energy and passion into my willing body. Let’s make the Gods wish to know what we know. The eternal dance of love. Free from the decaying world around us.

I brought my sweet lover near. Kissed her forehead and then sweet lips. I told her. You are my morning sunrise. You are the sun that warm my heart and your smile and sweet kiss is the reasons I want to be alive. Damn the Gods of rules and control. We will make our last stand on the Seaside beach. Show the Gods. Love is life. Life is love. My beautiful lady,  please stay with me. Let’s wait for the morning light and find the way to forever.

The Gods smiled above. They enjoyed the view. The ancient Gods raised their glasses of sweet red wine to love, to forever.  They looked down at the lovers. Gave them a blessing and left them be.

   Coyote/John Castellenas