Kind Spring and Summer days…

 Kind springs days and Summer days…

Forget me not, forget me forever. Winters cold is gone and the kind Spring days are here.

The cold Winter days made me drink the vodka and juice, write the black and blue poetry.

So damn tire of the blues and the dark words. Today the birds are singing and the snow is gone. I am going to Lake St. Clair.

I will watch the ice melt and the earth come alive, I won’t cry no-more when the sun-kiss my face, I will sit by the lake, put my feet into the cold water.

Allow the body to feel the bitter cold, it will teach me, I am not dead, I am alive and well, no-more time for sad thoughts.

The Spring days are here, the sun is shining, the children are loving the warm days of Spring and I.
Learning to put-away the old sins, the old memories and killing the burning sadness.

Spring is here and the bless days of Summer will follow, time to rebirth like the pretty flowers, time to reach for the sun like the proud trees. It is time to find something to make me feel alive.

                              Dancing Coyote